The holidays are quickly approaching, so you’ll need to start holiday shopping straight away.

If you’re totally over those long lines and crazy mainland crowds, we’re with you.  There are lots of reasons to skip the mall, and shop online.  The biggest reason? Our stylish island goods are exclusively online. Our San Juan Island gifts are inspired by the beauty of the San Juan Islands, so you’re totally going to find the perfect gifts shopping online with us.

JUANDERERS® | San Juan Islands' Apparel

Need more reasons to shop online with us?  Read-on for a handful:

Skip the Crowds

Shopping online is way more convenient than shoving your way through the holiday throngs. Plus, we’ve made online shopping even more peaceful. Reminisce about your San Juan Island adventure as you scroll through our original designs and art.  We’re ready whenever you are. 

Authentic and Inspired

Gift authentic.  Each of our designs is hand-drawn, and inspired by the beauty of our Island home. Whatever your flavor, there’s a design that captures your favorite San Juan Islands’ adventure.  Peruse color options, and relive the magic of your island experience by choosing a design that features what you loved best.

JUANDERERS® | San Juan Island Gifts

Want more than a t-shirt? Of course you do.  We’ve got awesome tote bags and wall prints, too. Better yet, these awesome holiday gift ideas feature local photography!

Here are our holiday gifting faves

Life is Slower®

JUANDERERS®  Life is slower®We all need to be reminded of a slower time – especially during the busy holiday season. Our Life is Slower® line gets you back to tranquil days on the San Juan Islands.  Remember? The water, long hikes, and winding roads explored by bicycle.  Paradise, right?


Wall Art


JUANDERERS ® Wall ArtCaution:  our one-of-a kind images will make you want to jump right in the image! Shot by local photographer, Lauren, they’re the perfect addition to any wall you’ve got.  They’ll look great on somebody else’s wall, too!



These may be the coolest totes ever.  They’re super sturdy, super attractive, and super affordable.  Nothing brightens up your dreary everyday like a cheery tote.  Make your boring errands a smidge more enjoyable.  Once again, Lauren got the shot so all you’ve got to do is choose the tote that you like best!  Keep it, or gift it.  Better yet – keep one and gift one.


JUANDERERS® | San Juan Island Farmers Market

Our Best Tip

Don’t be a slacker.  Get your holiday shopping all wrapped-up (see what we did there?) early with our stylish San Juan Islands’ goods.  Just think, with all of that extra time, you can start planning your next San Juan Islands vacation!