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San Juan Island Gifts


We’re a small design studio in Olga, Washington (on Orcas Island). Our team is totally enamored with the beauty of these majestic isles.  Our inspiration is endless.  It seems that we’re inspired to create a new design almost every day – we really can’t help it.  

If you’re looking for a storefront to come visit us in the islands, we’re afraid that you’ll have to wait.  We haven’t found the perfect spot just yet, so our stylish island goods are exclusively available online - for now.  Rest assured that we’re eager to open a brick and mortar shop, so we’ll let you all know as soon as we do.

We’ve tirelessly toiled over our designs and have handpicked our apparel.  Plus we’ve worked really hard on crafting a fun and comprehensive online shopping experience for you.  If you’ve got a tip or a question, drop us a line.

We sure hope that you enjoy having a look around our online shop and that you find something you like.  If you’re gifting to someone else, remember to gift to yourself, too.  Remember, we’ll split a dollar of every shirt we sell three ways to help all islanders: whales, wildlife, and humans.

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