The San Juan Islands have long been a hotspot for summer adventure.  From land to sea, the San Juan Islands offer everything a person could want for an unforgettable summer vacation.  Untouchable beauty and intrepid locals have transformed these spectacular little islands floating in the Salish Sea to get the attention of some top-tier travel lists. 

The big hits way back in 2011 were the most notable for us.  The New York Times chose the San Juan Islands as the number 2 place to visit in 2011.  Plus, National Geographic honored the San Juans by awarding our favorite Islands the honor of the 3rd best place to vacation in 2011.  Whoa.

We’re not sure about you, but out here, we consider these pretty major shout-outs.  Our team had already been living and loving the San Juan Islands for a handful of years  by the time the press caught on to what we already knew:  there’s no place that we’d rather be.

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