Don’t get us wrong – all of the ferry-served San Juan Islands are spectacular.  If you’re lucky enough to visit just one, you’ll be blown-away by the splendor of San Juan Island, Orcas Island, or Lopez Island.  If however, you’ve got some island time to hop around, we strongly recommend experiencing Orcas Island for at least a night or two.

While San Juan Island features the big town Friday Harbor front and center at the ferry terminal, Orcas Island offers up Orcas Village at its ferry landing.  Orcas Village really sets the tone for the rest of Orcas Island.  A big island with sweet little hamlets that each offer something special.

Shaped like an upside-down horseshoe, Orcas Island is larger than San Juan Island, but has a smaller population.  Size + shape + population all add up to some really sweet nooks and crannies that are the reason we love Orcas Island! 

From Orcas Village, to Deer Harbor, to Eastsound, to Olga, to Rosario, to Doe Bay, Orcas Island has a hamlet for every personality.  

Deer Harbor is a charming little marina with floating shops, whale watch tours, and a good pizza joint.  Eastsound, based on its relatively large size and central location, is considered the main village on Orcas Island.  You’ll find everything you need in Eastsound – from art to groceries to all the coffee that you can handle.

Olga is home to Moran State Park – a 5,000 acre preserve that is nothing short of magical.  Moran State Park offers 30 miles of hiking trails, five freshwater lakes, plus a mountain that tops out about a half mile above sea level.  Wow.  

Believe it or not, Moran State Park was actually donated to Washington State by Robert Moran.  His mansion is now Rosario Resort – just a short drive downhill before you enter the Park.  Doe Bay occupies the Easternmost end of the horseshoe highway, effectively rounding out all of the special slices of Orcas Island.

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