Ahhh – Lopez Island.  Small but mighty.  No big mountains, no big towns, no massive marinas.  The San Juan Islands as they should be – beautifully bucolic and benevolent.  It seems that every time we visit Lopez Island, we come back with a heartwarming tale that sticks with us.

Affectionately coined ‘Slowpez,’ you can go ahead and take your island-time exploring this part of the San Juan Islands. If you visit Lopez Island, you’ll see what we mean.  What makes Lopez special is its group of Islanders. Lopezians are a fiercely independent sort that love their island and their neighbors.  Be prepared to wave.  No, seriously, you'd better wave.

On our first visit to Lopez Island, we were driving toward the village, and encountered a young lady bicycling back from the village with grocery bags balancing on her handlebars.  As if just controlling her bicycle and cargo weren’t enough, this young lady was actually able to wave ‘hello’ to us.  That was one of the best balancing acts that we had ever seen, and it’s certainly the best way we can think of to be introduced to Lopez Island.

Speaking of bicycling, Lopez Island is widely known as the best of the San Juan Islands for bicycling.  Sure, Lopez is pretty flat and the speed limits are low, but there are still a handful of rolling hills to account for.  Especially right when you disembark the ferry boat.

Like all of the San Juan Islands, Lopez is a special place that offers wonderful scenery and a friendly greeting.  If you get the chance to experience this special island, you’ll never want to let it go.  That’s why we’ve designed our stylish island goods and apparel.  Go ahead and have a look around our online store here.  We’re sure that you’ll find just the right memory to take with you.

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