San Juan Island could very well be the best of all the San Juan Islands.  Before you get defensive, please realize that we love Orcas and Lopez.  That said, San Juan Island really does have it all going on.  Keep reading for a few examples of what we’re talking about.


San Juan Island has beautiful beach access near town, near Lime Kiln, and near Cattle Point.  Hands down, the most diverse shoreline access in all of the San Juan Islands.


American Camp and English Camp both call San Juan Island home.  Plus, there’s the San Juan County Park and Lime Kiln State Park.  There’s no better setting for a San Juan Island summer sunset than Lime Kiln or the County Park. 

To make Lime Kiln even more enticing, it’s the only whale watch park on the globe.  That means that you could get a glimpse of the resident Orca whales from the shoreline of Lime Kiln State Park.


If you live on Orcas or Lopez, you’ll likely say that you’re going to town.  As we’ve shared previously, the only town in San Juan County is Friday Harbor.  And, you guessed it, Friday Harbor is on San Juan Island.  In the eyes of many Islanders, Friday Harbor could be viewed as metropolitan.  That’s a big benefit for a guest seeking out lots of options for shopping, dining, coffee, and happy hour.

Easy Access

San Juan Island is formed perfectly for a vacation drive.  You could effectively travel one big loop around the Island with major points of interest just fifteen minutes away from each other.  Plus, when you’re on the West side or South side of the Island, you’ll be treated to some of the best shoreline scenery anywhere.

If you’re looking for a spot in the San Juan Islands that offers diverse recreation, easy navigation, and a sizeable town center, then San Juan Island is the right choice for you.  With so much to explore around the Island, you probably won’t want to waste any time on shopping.  Perfect.  You can score San Juan Island souvenirs, gifts, and stylish apparel by shopping our online store.


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